We specialize in the mechanical installation and commissioning of automated material-handling equipment, ranging from simple belt-over-roller conveyor to high-tech sortation and retrieval systems. Our group’s primary goal is to turn over systems that are optimized to perform at, or above, expectations for years to come. We achieve this by cultivating the most knowledgeable and experienced personnel in the industry. These individuals, coupled with the most exacting standards of any company in our field, allow us to provide you with the highest quality installations available in today’s market.

We work closely with all levels of your team to provide systems with optimized functionality, turned over ahead of schedule. By incentivizing all levels in our organization, to prioritize safety and quality above all else, we are able to maintain these exacting standards, while maintaining competitive pricing

Maintenance Repair conveyor Line


Our expertise in the commissioning of new systems perfectly enables us to provide quality service work. Our personnel are trained to make systems run optimally, from how well a specific sprocket is aligned to how well the system, as a whole, is processing material. Our knowledgeable personnel are ideally suited to augment your service team, or take on entire service projects, utilizing our quality Service Management Team. From servicing a single gearbox to full-blown retrofits of dated internals, our personnel will help your company perform the service that your customers require.

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We pride our selves on being able to offer an outstanding maintenance program at The GIG. 

As a result of our team members' backgrounds in service and installation, we have accrued the expertise to be able to identify and correct equipment issues expediently. The combined knowledge of installation and service  allows us to know every facet of each system, enabling us to provide precise PM schedules and to quickly troubleshoot problems.

The GIG is here to insure your product keeps flowing at full rate.